Templar Publishing, Sept 2023
Cowritten with Joan Lennon
Illustrated by André Ducci

Available to order from Hive, Bookshop.org, Foyles, Blackwell’s, Waterstones, and Amazon.

Great Minds

2500 Years of Thinkers and Philosophy

Aristotle’s ideas shaped our understanding of the natural world for hundreds of years. Yacob’s Hatäta laid the grounds for equality long before our time. Gandhi’s philosophy inspired non-violent protest movements all over the world, and Langer shook up our understanding of what art is and can be. The brilliant ideas from each of these amazing thinkers have stayed with humans for centuries, teaching us new ways of uncovering our world and understanding each other.

Covering ideas from the last 2500 years, explore the time periods that shaped each thinker’s ideas, unpack the theories in accessible, easy to digest text and discover the impact they had for the years to come. Presented in graphic novel style, this is a book to inspire a new generation of thinkers and philosophers.